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The Park Hopper Collective is the product of a long distance love for romping around theme parks and sticking our noses in books about magical worlds.

We've dedicated ourselves to releasing designs that are inspired by the Worlds that we love (and wish we lived in) as well as the urban city that surrounds us, in Philadelphia.

We may all make the mecca to our theme parks from different cities, landscapes, and continents. We may speak in different dialects or languages. We may have different skin tones, pray differently, love differently, identify differently, but we can all wear these shirts or hats inspired by our favorite stories. It's a special language between friends. The song from that one movie, the symbol from that book, the retired fireworks show, the classic attraction. When you see it, you know. 

The amount of times we've seen total strangers approach one another saying "I love your shirt!" or "I love your ears!" has made our hearts sing. We want to bring this out of the parks and into your homes and cities so that you may inconspicuously speak this secret language and find others that understand it as well.